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How To Make The Greenest Choices

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Electric Cars & Hybrid Cars are the 4th Step of Being Green

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The final and ultimate method of taking control of your energy use is to say goodbye to the gas pumps and say hello to using electric and/or non-fossil fuels to power your vehicle.

As with any new innovation, these vehicles can be expensive, but prices are dropping since their demand has risen significantly during the past year.

Electric Cars and Vehicles

Even though one of the first cars ever created was an electric car, we are only now truly beginning to see the benefits of using this form of power source. The gas powered engine is on its way out.

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Hybrid Cars and Vehicles

For drivers who want to be green, but travel many miles a day, Hybrid Cars are a great alternative since they use both gasoline and electricity to provide less emissions and improved driving range.

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<- See All Steps of Being Green

<- See All Steps of Being Green


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