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Electric Cars and Vehicles

Even though one of the first cars ever created was an electric car, we are only now truly beginning to see the benefits of using this form of power source. The gas powered engine is on its way out.

Phoenix Motorcars - Phoenix SUV - electric cars, gas powered, engine, electric vehicle, cost per mile, combustion, current gas price, charge overnight, battery improvements, wind, solar A few of the major perks of owning an all electric vehicle are:

  • Significantly Lower Cost Per Mile
    For conventional combustion automobiles, at the current gas price of $2.95 per gallon, an average vehicle that is getting 24 mpg will cost $12.29 to drive 100 miles.
    For the new Phoenix Electric SUV, at the current electric price of 0.14 per KWH, this vehicle uses 4.9 cents of power per mile to provide an equivalent 60.2 mpg at a total cost of $4.90 to drive 100 miles.
  • Significantly Lower Maintenance Costs
    There's no oil to change, no air filters to block, no valves to clean, no exhaust to replace, to catalytic converter to wear out, no water pump, no oil pump, no alternator, no fuel injector to clean, no carburetor to rebuild...need I say more.
  • You Can Access Unlimited Power
    This vehicle charges up to 35KWH which takes approx 6 hours to charge overnight. due to electric deregulation, you get to choose your power source. If you choose wind or solar as your provider, or install your own solar or wind turbines, your car will run on a totally renewable and unlimited power source and have an absolute 0% carbon footprint.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see how the benefits of going all electric can easily motivate us to change a few of our driving habits just a little to accommodate that electric cars may have limited range. With the exception of long trips, the average person drives 35 to 50 miles to and from work each day, which still falls within this cars 100 mile range. This limitation will soon be old news since current battery improvements may extend this to 250 miles within a year.

GoGreen 1.2kW Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint CT1000

<- See 4th Step of Being Green

<- See 4th Step of Being Green


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