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Hybrid Cars and Vehicles

For drivers who want to be green, but travel many miles a day, Hybrid Cars are a great alternative since they use both gasoline and electricity to provide less emissions and improved driving range.

Toyota Camry Hybrid - hybrid cars, hybrid, vehicles, travel, alternative, gasoline, electricity, emissions, driving range, miles per gallon, combustion automobiles, gas price, range, Toyota, PriusA few of the major perks of owning a combination gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle are:

  • Improvements In Miles Per Gallon
    For conventional combustion automobiles, at the current gas price of $2.95 per gallon, an average vehicle that is getting 24 mpg will cost $12.29 to drive 100 miles.
    For the new Toyota Camry Prius, at the current gas price of $2.95 per gallon, this vehicle is getting 45 mpg and will only cost $6.56 to drive 100 miles.
  • Capacity To Travel Long Distances As Lower Costs
    There is no limit to range since the primary fuel is gasoline which is freely available from coast to coast.

There are a variety of methods car manufacturers use to create their hybrid version of a car, but the basic premise is that both a small gasoline engine along with a high torque electric motor are used to provide a combination of acceleration power and driving power that uses current technology in a very efficient manner.


<- See 4th Step of Being Green

<- See 4th Step of Being Green


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