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Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels were a cheap energy source that ran our homes and industries, but the side effects are deadly. Now it's time to consider the benefits of using renewable energy to power the world.

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  1. You can offset your homes electrical costs by creating your own power
    Both solar panels and wind powered generators create power that can be used to power your home either directly or through the use of an inverter and battery bank.
  2. You can make a profit by selling your unused power to your electric utility company
    'Net Metering' is a system whereby your electric utility company provides the means that allows you to sell them your unused electricity, or provide you with 'credit' that you may use in the future at no cost. This is a wonderful system because it eliminates your need to install costly battery systems to store extra power your house does not consume at the time the wind powered generator or solar panel creates it.
    For example, if you have little or no electric demand from you home while your solar panels or wind turbine are chugging away, this power gets sent outside your home, right into the power lines where you normally draw power in. at this time, your meter actually runs backwards. At a later time when the needs of your home exceed the amount of power being generated by your renewable power source, you resume drawing in power from the electric utility.
    Many electricpower providers cooperate with the Net Metering system and already have a set of guidelines to follow in order to establish your connection.
    Short of having Net Metering available, your excess power could be stored in a collection of batteries which remains available until your generator output falls below the level of the needs of your home. At that time the batteries would supply your power and when they discharge completely, you would automatically resume drawing power in from your electric supplier.


<- See 3rd Step of Being Green

<- See 3rd Step of Being Green



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