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Five Myths Hindering The Development of Alternative Fuels Five Myths Hindering The Development of Alternative Fuels
Charles Cresson Wood
The leading myths concerning high fuel costs and fuel shortages hinder the development and deployment of alternative fuels including electric, ethanol, methanol, butanol, di-methyl either (DME), bio-diesel, bio-methane and hydrogen.
Say Goodbye To Energy Hungry Cooling Systems Say Goodbye To Energy Hungry Cooling Systems
R.E. Williams
The EnergySaver Home Cooling system is energy efficient and does not contribute to blackouts and energy grid problems as do central air systems. The system is whisper quiet when running and it eliminates the need for large amounts of roof venting.
'The PET Bag' is a Breakthrough in Reusable Shopping Bags 'The PET Bag' is a Breakthrough in Reusable Shopping Bags
The PET Bag helps correct a growing problem with the number of plastic bottles going into landfills. These reusable shopping bags are made from 100% post consumer material and are a new method for removing excess plastic bottles from the environment.
Top Five Questions with Answers About Green Transportation
The commercial transportation industry has traditionally been thought of as unfriendly to the environment, but new technology has transformed many of today's trucks and buses into environmentally responsible forms of transportation.
New Guide 'How to Lower Energy Bills' Helps You Save Money
GreenandMore.com announces their latest guide to help the planet for Earth Day by helping you learn how to reduce energy usage. Earth Day is an opportunity to spread the message that everyone can reduce energy usage with a few simple changes.
Energy Efficiency Can Save Consumers Billions on Costs
An important study by the MEEA, documents current residential energy usage and potential energy savings realized by implementing simple energy efficiency measures. The study concludes that consumers can save billions while helping the environment.
New Electricity and Energy Saving Device
A new electricity and energy saving device called the POWERGARD energy saver, stores energy that is otherwise lost in the operation of inductive motors, recycling it for maximum energy efficiency.
Take The '6 Degrees of Energy Efficiency Challenge'
The Alliance to Save Energy Launches 6 Degrees of Energy Efficiency Challenge, a viral Web site to promote energy-efficiency and encourage your family and friends to decrease wasteful energy use.
Global Healing - The Book That May Save the World
'Thinking Outside the Box' is centered upon a deeper Metaphysical understanding of how the human mind works and teaches us how to create our own reality through the power of choice - hence 'Change the mindset, Change the world!'
Green Alternative for Urban Transportation Needs
Alternative plug-in electric transportation allows you to charge your ride by plugging into a wall outlet and it uses only pennies of electricity per charge. No gas, no oil, no noise.

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